Unit 2 Research

Proquest Sites:

Miley Cyrus episode helped end Robin Thicke’s Marriage


Protestors at Boston University



Blurred Lines about Rape?http://search.proquest.com/docview/1404739899/92BDA1AED7C942E2PQ/2?accountid=14214

Crowd Sourced Media:

It is pretty crazy to think that album Blurred Lines came out July of last year and it is still being talked about. But something that is upsetting to see is that he is separating with his wife Paula, a person who he has been with almost his whole life. I do hope that they get back together but in reality, due to the ‘rock star’ life that Robin Thicke wants to live, I doubt that will ever happen. There has been two times that the media caught him possible cheating on his wife. Not to mention that if he was caught twice by the media, how many times did he possibly cheat on his wife in which he did not get caught? I did like the fact that he acknowledged his fans by saying that he was sorry for missing the concerts. I also like how he is getting back on track with his career and is not allowing this whole situation with Paula to ruin his life. I feel like when he says that they still love each other but are splitting up, he is almost acting as if they will get back together. Time will tell, and hopefully everything works out for him.



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