New Search Terms

Some New Search Terms :
Emily Ratajkowski- Model in the Video
Paula Patton- His wife that just separated with him.
Boston University- Performance there when students did not want him there. Protest!
Jessi J- Making a video with her for a new song
Lyric Breakdown- Website that breaks down the lyrics
Parody- There are multiple ones from switching male and female gender roles and even a sesame street one.


What Teenage girls thought about Miley

Emily Ratajkowski is on Entourage

The Defined Lines removed from youtube

For the presentation, i was planning on using a power point presentation to show all my findings. I am interested in breaking down some of best sources and examining them rhetorically from the point of the author to the audience. I also want to elaborate on the points of Logos, Ethos, and Pathos. I want to also incorporate the 5 basic elements of Text, Author and Audience, purpose, and setting.


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